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Frequently Ask Questions or Myths Explained.

In my nearly 3 decades of replacing Concrete and installing other block and masonry features, I have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions with my answers based on formal training and these many years of experience.  These answers will apply to most normal situations, but I continue to run into projects with unique problems that I have successfully resolved so, if you don't see your question, please call or email me.  


How long will it take?

Most driveways will take my company 1-2 days.  This includes removing and hauling the old driveway and necessary soil, forming, steel placement and concrete placing and finishing.  Other companies often quote 3-5 days for the same work.  This capability is made possible by the right equipment and the right employees. The typical concrete patio replacement requires an additional day over the same size driveway due to the limited access. ​


Will you make sure the water drains properly?

This one, honestly, makes me chuckle a little on the inside.  Only a little, because I realize that most of these types of questions come from clients that have serious drainage issues with their old driveways and patios.  


Surface drainage problems arise from 2 primary causes:  


  1. Improper forming and finishing where the minimum 1/8" per foot of fall is not provided.  We provide a more positive 3/16"-1/4" per foot of fall where possible.  Situations where the minimum pitch cannot be achieved requires a drain pipe system to be installed.  This is determined at our initial appointment in most cases and any additional costs provided at that time.  

  2. Movement of the existing concrete due to tree roots, poor compaction, etc which changes the original pitch of the surface in an unfavorable way.  We remove any root material under and near our work and compact the sub-base using various equipment.  We also provide more aggressive solutions in rare cases such as an integral concrete footing, pvc root barrier material and instructing our clients about periodic root abatement procedures along the edges of our work. 


How thick do you pour your concrete?

We pour all our residential slabs a minimum of 4" thick.  This is a measured 4" thick and not just the height of a 2x4 which is only 3.5".  This, along with proper compaction, proper steel reinforcement and frequent control joints, insures a long lasting concrete driveway or patio.  Additional thicknesses are naturally an option at additional cost but normally not necessary with most residential installations.  All our concrete slabs are poured using 3000 psi minimum. 


What are your payment terms?

We accept all methods of payment including credit cards but, unlike most companies, we don't ask for any payment until the job is complete on most projects.  In cases where the size of the job is larger or the need to pre-order special materials is required, the terms will be spelled out clearly up front.  In all cases, however, we make sure our work is ahead of your money.

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